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  • Public Transport
    Can catch the train from the city (Hurstbridge Line) to Fairfield Station. Then Bus 567 to Rossmoyne Village (see map below). Turn Right into Mansfield Street and walk to the corner of Matisi Street.
  • Preparing for your session
    There are a few things that can be done to streamline your recording process whilst here at Pughouse Studios. Be as well rehearsed as possible. Make a note of tempos during rehearsals. During a recording session tempos can feel quite different, so it is good to have firm starting point. Everybody involved should know the song/s by heart, especially singers (lyrics). Think about: How many songs do you want to record? Which ones will we leave out if we can’t get them all recorded in the session/s? It can be good to have one or two songs prepared in case you end up having time left, or if a song you planned to record just don’t come together during the session - this is not uncommon. In what order will you record the songs? Maybe the most complicated songs are better to not be at the start or the end of the session. Can complicated songs or parts of songs be recorded in sections and then edited together in post production? Are you recording to a click track? It can feel stressful and unnatural to play to a click track. It can become very difficult in a recording situation if you haven’t done this before. It also can rob a song of the natural ebb and flow (up a little in the chorus, back down a little for the verse; a tiny slow down at the end; etc.) Recording with click will of course make it easier to copy and paste and correct thing, if that is your preferred way of working and suits your music. Vocalists: Will you sing live with the band or overdub the vocals? Would you like to have the option of re-doing your vocals at a later stage? At what time of the day does you voice sound best? How many hours can you sing (from experience, vocal session are good and sensible for up to 4 hours)? We are happy to have a chat and answer your questions obligation free.
  • File management
    We will keep your files plus a back up during production. Please bring in a hard drive or USB stick for file transfer at the end of the session/s. Depending on the project your files may be up to 10 Gb or more, so please ensure there is enough space on your drive. The drive should be formatted to a MAC compatible format. Windows formats (FAT32, exFAT) should work, too. Please make sure that the read/write permission allow access for non administrators. You may not want all files, which is fine. We will keep a copy on a hard drive after the finished production, but can not give a guarantee that these files will be accessible forever (if the drive should fail, they’re gone).
  • Mastering
    If you are mastering your project at Pughouse, we will create a DDP* Image file as well as full resolution WAV and 320 kbps mp3 files of each track. The WAV file will have the ISRC code embedded. *DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol. This is a data file of the entire CD and is commonly used when larger quantities of CD’s will be produced (replicated). A DDP file is an error free copy of the CD Master and can be sent via FTP server or delivered on a USB stick, hard drive or DVD Rom. Smaller runs of CD manufacturing (generally less than 500 units) are commonly done by copying (duplicating) a Master CD. As CD’s contain errors, which are compensated for by software in the player, this is a less favourable method. Have a chat to the CD production facility of your choice. Most of our clients have had their CDs manufactured by either Implant Media or Replicat. You will need to obtain an ISRC code for your project. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) recommends that all music producers use ISRC. However, if you are planing to distribute your music digitally (BandCamp, CD Baby, iTunes, etc.) you will likely need ISRC's as most digital distribution companies require the ISRC to be embedded, allowing your recordings to be identified for royalty payments. ISRC's can be written into uncompressed WAVE and AIFF files. Getting an ISRC does not cost any money and is highly advised (it generally takes several days to a week to get). In addition to the ISRC, please send us (email) all relevant information, including Artist/Band Name, Album Title, Track Order and Track Names, Composer/Lyricist. More info can be found here: ARIA Bandcamp Spotify Soundcloud General Info from Austep
  • Submitting Your Album Info on Gracenote Using iTunes 11
    Open iTunes, insert CD and locate CD in iTunes (don't import the CD yet) Highlight all the tracks, right click and select Get Info Here you can change the album title/artist name/year/genre/etc... When you're done click OK Go through the same procedure to enter individual track names Highlight track 1 and right click to select Get Info Click on the Info tab and update the Name and then click Next Once you have finished entering the desired info for all tracks click OK The last step is to highlight all of the tracks again. Then click on the Options symbol on the upper right corner of the tracklist window Select Submit CD Track Names and wait for the progress bar to complete
  • Credits
    We’d appreciate if you could credit the studio on the CD and/or vinyl cover (and where else seems appropriate). It’d be fantastic if there would be a space for our logo, too! *other resolutions available on request.
  • Photography & Video
    Please feel free to take photographs and videos during your session. We are happy to tag us on Facebook (Pughouse Studios, Niko Schauble) and Instagram (pughousestudios). We usually take snaps during sessions and post some on our website and Facebook page. Please let us know if you have any objections. Several photographers and videographers have worked in our studio. Check out our video page to see their work and find contact information. We also offer a video capture and editing service (more info on our Rates page.
  • Testimonials & Reviews
    We trust you will have a great experience at Pughouse! If you feel like it, we’d love to get a testimonial or review from you via email, or alternatively you can also leave a review on Facebook or on Google Reviews. There is also a possibility your testimonial or review may make its way onto the Testimonials section on our home page!
  • Nourishment
    We have a fridge, microwave and tea & coffee facilities. 'Artiga Cafe' has recently opened in the M&M Business Park. OPENING HOURS Mon 8:00:AM - 3:00:PM Tue 8:00:AM - 3:00:PM Wed 8:00:AM - 3:00:PM Thu 8:00:AM - 3:00:PM Fri 8:00:AM - 3:00:PM Sat 9:00:AM - 3:00:PM Sun 9:00:AM - 3:00:PM Another nearby options is 'Little Tienda' Plenty of food options are a 5 minute drive away on Station St, Fairfield.
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