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Our wonderful Pfeiffer Grand Piano was built in Germany in the mid-1930’s and has been passed down through generations of the Schauble family.

Niko's grandfather, Theodor Schäuble, was a teacher and composer and acquired the piano in approximately 1935. This model was know as the 'Schneck Flügel', after its designer the architect Adolf G. Schneck.

Pfeiffer_Theodor Schäuble.jpg
Schneck-Flügel 2.jpg

Pianists who have recorded at Pughouse Studios on the Pfeiffer include Andrea Keller, Paul Grabowsky, Tim Stevens, Romy Hernandez, Luke Howard, Sumire Kuribayashi, Barney McAll, Colin Hopkins, Dan Sheehan, Mark Fitzgibbon, Michael Harding, Sam Keevers, Selene Messinis, Steve Grant, Steve Barry and many others.

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